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Do you need cash to grow your business or acquire a new Real Estate Investment Property? 
 We Help You Get Business & Real Estate Loans
Up To $5 Million -  Fast Approvals!
Marcus & Sye Wells - Owners
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Since 2009, the Jordan Hunter Team lead by Sye and Marcus Wells has been helping our clients grow their businesses through Strategic Website Development, Social Marketing, Digital Course Creation, and Consulting Services.

Our co-founder Marcus Wells came from the mortgage banking industry and had an extensive background in the finance business. Marcus has helped clients close hundreds of loans including Conventional, Non-Conforming, FHA, VA, Co-Op’s, Jumbo Loans, and Investor Loans.

It has always been our top priority to help our clients grow and expand their businesses.

After working with many entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors over the years, we started to recognize that the lack of capital was preventing many from growing their businesses.

We are excited to have a solution to assist our present and future clients.
JHD Capital is our most recent addition to our company and a solution for clients who are seeking funding to grow and expand.

Our clients have trusted us to deliver consulting and marketing services for the last 10 years.

We can now assist our clients with:
* Unsecured Business
* Finance
* Revenue Based Advances
* Commercial Real Estate
* Fix N Flip R.E Investors
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Start Up  
Business   Loans 
'Fast' Revenue Based Advanced
Fix and Flip
Loans For R.E
Real Estate
Who We Service
Small Business Owners 
Real Estate Investors
Home Healthcare
Home Healthcare is  projected to not only have the fastest growth in the healthcare sector 
— but is the fastest  growing of all industries, with an annual growth rate of 5% through 
Childcare / Daycare Industry
With the increasing  number of households in which both parents work full time, this 
industry has been one  of the fastest growing in the U.S. economy.
Real Estate Investors
Real Estate Fix & Flip Rehab Loans
If you are an investor  who is looking to buy distressed and 
undervalued properties,  fix them up, and sell/flip them within 12 months, then consider our fix and-flip loans for the capital you need.
E Investor Loans
Getting an equity-based  private money loan should be quick and easy. That’s why we  focus on getting you approved and funded fast. We do  loans on almost any  property type with more  options 
Common Reasons People Use Our Loan Programs Include:
  •  Start a new business
  •  Purchase equipment  
  •  Hire new employees 
  •  Purchase more inventory 
  •  Expand or upgrade your office/workspace 
  •  Increase working capital 
  •  Consolidate existing loans 
  •  Fast loan approval
  •  Financing up to 5 Million Dollars  
  •  Acquisition and Development 
  •  Cash out 
  •  Refi 
  •  Rehab 
  •  Foreclosure Bailouts 
  •  Stated Income  

We are not a lender, so we aren’t limited to just “in-house” products. We are a independent company that partners with lenders to provide our clients with quick and easy access to private funding solution. Being independent allows us to service clients who are having challenges obtaining traditional financing due to credit history, experience, new startup, or type of project. 
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